parenthese-Bernard TANGUY-extrait-affiche

Genre :
Comedy (Movie)

Period / Places : Contemporary / France
Date of shooting : Film done, during operations

Direction :
Bernard TANGUY


Scénario :
Hervé and Bernard Tanguy


Production :

Rezina Productions and CB Partners (CB Partners Associate Producer)


Synopsis :

On a whim, three longtime friends take the sea in a need to handle the occurence of the fifties, to get together like in the good old days.
They leave behind family, work and daily life, time for a break on a sailboat ... except that no one on board knows how to navigate.

What do they have built over the last thirty years? How much time is left? The temptation of another life, hedonism, a cross on the past life ... will become even more tangible with the meeting of two girls and Olga, who looks so different.

This meeting between the sexes and generations is a source of laughter, tension, emotion. They lead to funny and sometimes crude situations.


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parenthese-Bernard TANGUY-extrait-affiche
parenthese-Bernard TANGUY-film-extrait