Genre :
Drama / Social (Movie)

Period / Places :
Contemporary / Ile-de-France

Date of shooting : Film completed, under postproduction

Scenario :

Pierre de SUZZONI


Direction :
Pierre de SUZZONI


Production :

Nessva films and CB Partners

Synopsis :

Sarah, a beautiful young woman, realizes that Vince is no longer worth the love she has for him, and she violently rejects him. Vince is devastated and does not understand, but he is desperately trying to win her back. After wandering, Sarah falls in love aginst all odds with Zack, a pizza delivery man, who dreams of becoming a writer. Sarah believes in him. She struggles to resist to the brutal efforts Vince trying to come back.
Zack, diligently looking for work, wants to meet the expectations and dreams of Sarah, and address her fears. She falls pregnant, tries to tell it to Zack, but cannot because he does not seem ready to face fatherhood. She is preparing to abort. Zack learns the news incidently and runs to stop her at the last moment. They talk about it and Zack increases the efforts to find work, or an issue. Their relationship deteriorates, they are in non-communication. Sarah has a miscarriage, Zack loses his head. He tries to catch up with things, but Sarah's heart stopped beating for him ... forever ... Love does not last. When love crashes, it is difficult to find a new way. The wanderings of the heart generate reconciliations, intimacy, but also expectations, dreams, and when reality does not meet expectations, the fall is tough.
Can we live on love and fresh water? No, this story illustrates the current drift of our society where love becomes a consumable commodity, we seize it following a impulse of the heart, and we throw it when it is no longer needed, when it no longer meets what you expect.

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