couv-malgre-nous Type :
Dramatical Comedy

Period :
Contemporary movie

Casting :
In Progress
Production :
CB Partners

Direction :

Synopsis :

Summer 1988. Théo, Maxime and Julien survived a terrible fire. The three teenagers then swear a friendship "for life and death". Twenty years pass.

On June 1, 2009, Marine, Théo's wife, was to board a Rio-Paris flight.

When Theo learns that the plane has crashed into the sea, he collapses. The unwavering support of his friends was not enough to prevent him from sinking into a deep depression.

It is then that the revelation of disturbing elements comes to call everything into question. Could Marine still be alive?

Theo now has only one objective: to discover the truth.

But does it only have one face?


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Dramatical Comedy