lerocherdethanos Type :
Historical drama
Adaptation of the novel by Amin Maalouf

Period :
Historical drama

Casting :
In progress
Production :
CB Partners / Fantascope

Direction :

Synopsis :

Kfaryabda, a village in the Lebanese mountains. Every morning, many flock to the castle to "see" the hand of the sheikh. The latter has a reputation as a seducer and lover of women. And precisely, that of his steward, named Lamia, shines with unparalleled beauty. One day, she gives birth to a son, Tanios. Very quickly, rumors spread about the identity of his father. Rumors that will pursue Tanios throughout his life, at first without his knowledge. He grew up, entered the school of an English pastor, gradually moved away from his loved ones, taking refuge in study. He meets Asma, a bubbly young girl.

Then everything changes. A distress, a gesture from his father to protect his son - a gesture that spills blood on the mountain trail. Tanios and his father run to escape to Cyprus, where they catch their breath. On the steps of the hotel, a young lady drops oranges from a basket. Tanios picks them up and brings them back to him. He doesn't know her language, she doesn't know his. Their eyes meet, a smile. A story about a boy before, during and after his life. The story of a fugitive, a man, a son. The history of the mountains, of the sea below.

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